Spotlight On: The Espresso Martini

Spotlight On: The Espresso Martini

The silky smooth Espresso Martini has become a firm favourite for the cocktail connoisseur in recent years. If sweet and fruity isn’t your style, then this moody and mysterious concoction may be the one for you. Sipping through a silky froth topping, the sharp, cold coffee and sweet Kahlua blends beautifully with vodka to create an elegant drink.

At The Cove, our coffee beans are bought from The Tenby Tea & Coffee company. This amazing company sources beans from around the world, expertly creates unique blends, and roasts in Pembrokeshire. When we make your Espresso Martini, a world of effort has gone into your ingredients, ensuring your cocktail is top notch.

The Story

In a tale that feels as deliciously dark as the cocktail in question, it is said that Dick Bradsell concocted this drink whilst working in Fred’s Club in the late 80s. A young and blossoming model approached the bar asking for something that would ‘Wake me up, then f*** me up.’ Surrounded by coffee grounds from earlier that day, and with vodka as the tipple of the moment, inspiration struck.

Make Your Own

– 50ml vodka

– 30ml Kahlua

– A fresh shot of espresso

– A dash of sugar syrup

– Three coffee beans

Pour the vodka, Kahlua, sugar syrup and espresso into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously on ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass, garnish with the three coffee beans, and serve. (For unique adaptations, feel free to experiment with a sugar syrup of your choice. We recommend caramel flavour!)

Exuding sophistication and elegance, the Espresso Martini is the ultimate luxurious choice. Sip one for a boost of energy to elongate your night, or as a refreshing change of pace from the usual fruity options. Either way, it’s a must.

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